Volunteers in Action

The impact on volunteerism in your life may yet be discovered.

Volunteering is a personal journey for everyone. For some, it is to gain valuable insight, knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry, or perhaps for the development of interpersonal skills and a satisfying personal or professional relationship. For many, it is a spiritual awakening.

Mitzi is a retired nurse who serves patients and their families in homes, nursing homes and living centers throughout the greater metropolitan area. She is generous with her time, providing companionship and assistance to those in need. True to her nature, she discourages acknowledgment or recognition for years of volunteer service, preferring instead, to work quietly in the background.

Mitzi represents the true spirit of charity.

Paula is a working professional who visits nursing homes on the West bank, as well as in the Metairie area. Paula occasionally brings her children for visits to introduce them to community service. Paula helps when her work and children’s school schedule permits, and remains active with the interdisciplinary team. Having had a first-hand experience with a family member, Paula recognizes the deepest need of the patient and works to deepen the bond between herself and those in her care.

Paula continues to be a reassuring presence in her patient’s lives.

“It is important to show children by example.”

Judith is an integral part of the hospice team bringing with her experience in the healthcare industry. Judith takes on the volunteer role in the West bank nursing homes, regularly seeing patients and lovingly tending to their needs. Judith is active in the volunteer department, participating in the Volunteer Orientation/Training sessions to encourage new volunteers. She remains active with the interdisciplinary team, and is committed to quality care.

Judith is an advocate for each of her patients. She lends a watchful eye, while assisting families in the process.

“I originally worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant in a nursing home which was rewarding, but eventually it became too stressful for my back and knees. I missed seeing those patients! To see the recognition in their faces….they know they recognize you for some reason and then their face lights up! The familiarity is there. Volunteerism is different compared to custodial care. There is nothing like it!”

Lydia is a young student who assists in the office with phones and filing, an extraordinary undertaking in a busy office. Lydia’s mother has been a treasured employee of the agency for many years, and Lydia is no stranger to the team.

“I enjoy learning, I need the experience -and- I like to work with everyone here… it’s like a family!”

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