Paige’s Story

Paige Banner, born in September, 2003 with hypoplasia of the left ventricular heart, was our first pediatric patient with Serenity Hospice. Given her expected symptoms, Paige’s parents, Eva and Jason, courageously chose our team prior to her birth hoping we would improve her quality of life. Paige stole our hearts and became our team mascot.

When Eva became a Serenity team member, Paige became a regular fixture in our office, running around in her walker and snoozing in her bassinet. Our family watched as Paige learned to walk, string her first sentence together and to play her awesome drum set from Santa Clause. Her angelic smile and her favorite word (“Hawn-gry!”) are among our most treasured family memories here at Serenity Hospice. Although her disease progression was expected, Paige’s passing crushed all of our hearts one Monday morning.

The Paige Foundation was established to heal our hearts and to assist less fortunate patients and their families with practical needs. Relieving a small financial burden sometimes allows a patient’s family to better cope with their day-to-day care and also the necessary healing process afterward.


How others have been helped today

To date, donations to the non-profit Paige Foundation have been utilized to pay for food, funeral arrangements, delinquent utility bills, exterminator services, home sanitizing services, rent and even Christmas bicycles for children who lost a parent close to the holidays.


How you can help

Our Serenity family is indebted to the donors who have honored their loved ones with monetary gifts to the Paige Foundation. To donate, please feel free to send a check or money order to:

The Paige Foundation
3712 MacArthur Blvd. #204
New Orleans, LA 70114

Your generosity and compassion for other families is greatly appreciated.

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