We could have not gone through this without all of you. Thank you for your love, prayers and care.
The Jiffie Wilson Family (Richard, Gena & Bill)

Dear Serenity Hospice Staff,
Thank you for all of the wonderful care and support that you gave Marie during the last month of her life. Your sincere efforts made her passage more peaceful and comfortable.
You are all truly a gift from God. Your love and dedication will never be forgotten.
With appreciation,

Cindy – Thank you for being the personable first contact to assist us in choosing Serenity.
Natalie – Your care in tending to our emotional needs is greatly appreciated.
Nell – My mom looked forward to your visits – not only did she feel great after being cleaned, she enjoyed your company.
Cathy and Laine – Thank you for your compassion and care for my mom. Laine, your dedication to be there for us in the end was such a gift. Thanks for the big shoulders!
Gayle – Thank you for your graciousness in stepping aside and allowing Laine to perform my mom’s death visit. My mom was very impressed by the time and thoroughness of your care and instruction during her first crisis experience.
Thank you as well to all the behind the scenes staff that we didn’t meet fact-to-face. It takes a complete team to provide the excellent care that my mom received.
God Bless,


To Everyone at Serenity Hospice Services,
I hardly have adequate words to express to you how deeply grateful I am for all that you gave to my mom in the weeks before her death. And it wasn’t only to my Mom, it was also to me. Being away from New Orleans, the comfort it brought to me knowing that you were doing so much to make her comfortable and letting her know she wasn’t alone. Each of you has a beautiful ministry.
Thank you for touching my life.

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