Serenity’s Services

Serenity Hospice Services offers the following services to improve the quality of life for anyone with a life-limiting illness through education, empowerment and symptom management:

    • All levels of care: routine home care, in-patient care, respite care, and continuous care
    • Routine home care is provided for patients whose symptoms are well managed in their home environment.
    • In-patient care is provided in times of crisis when managing the patient’s symptoms in the home is not feasible. The Nurse Case Manager assesses each patient on an individual basis, and the Serenity Hospice team determines if in-patient care is appropriate.
    • 24 hour respite care may be temporarily provided at a contracted facility to relieve caregivers of caregiving duties so that they may have a period of rest and relaxation.
    • In lieu of inpatient admission, 8-24 hour cycles of continuous care may be provided by a nurse assistant in the patint’s home as long as uncontrolled symptoms persist. The nurse case manager assesses each patient on an individual basis, and the Serenity Hospice team determines if continuous care is appropriate.
  1. Registered Nurse visits
  2. On-call nurse 24 hours, 7 days a week for emergency support
  3. Certified Nursing Assistant visits for hygiene and personal care needs
  4. Medications for pain relief and to ensure comfort
  5. Medical equipment and supplies
  6. Social Worker visits and assistance
  7. Chaplain support
  8. Bereavement care
  9. Pediatric specialist available

If you, or someone you know, may need hospice care, contact your doctor or Serenity Hospice Services directly. A hospice representative will arrange for a hospital or in-home visit to discuss your individual needs, and further explain the services available.

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